Osseous Surgery

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Have you undergone treatments for gum disease and the affected area hasn’t responded to the treatments like you hoped they would? It can be frustrating to feel like you’ve tried everything only to experience disappointing results.

Here’s the good news: Fighting gum disease is more common than you might think, and osseous surgery may be a solution that can help. If you are still experiencing pain and discomfort due to periodontal disease and the pockets surrounding your teeth are not responding to treatments, let’s talk about it.


While you’re under local anesthesia, our team at Ann Kearney Astolfi in Bethlehem, PA will make a small incision in the affected gum tissue. This gum tissue will be gently pulled away in order to thoroughly clean the bone, root, and tooth that has been affected.

Why Do I Need Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery offers numerous benefits to the patient. Not only can we decrease pocket depth around the teeth but your gums will no longer bleed when you brush and floss your teeth. Eradicating the infection in the mouth will improve your overall oral health, and you will find that coming in for regular teeth cleanings will be that much more comfortable. It’s important to treat your gum disease because untreated gum disease has been linked to an increased risk for:

  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • pre-term delivery

The gums are carefully trimmed, lowered back into place, and stitched together. If dissolving stitches are not used, you will need to come back 6-10 days later for a quick appointment to remove the stitches. One more appointment will be scheduled a month after the procedure, when your gums have healed, for a general check-up to ensure your optimal oral health.


If you have tried other treatments for your periodontal disease with little to no luck, contact us at Ann Kearney Astolfi in Bethlehem, PA to set up a consultation. Let’s see if you are a good candidate for osseous surgery. Through osseous surgery, you can finally get relief from gum disease and be able to confidently maintain your natural smile.

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