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When your gums aren’t healthy, your smile and overall health are compromised. Unfortunately, the first phases of gum disease happen so subtly, patients rarely notice they are suffering. Some of the first signs as gums start to recede can simply be tooth sensitivity and inflammation.

Because the gums are the only protection that the tooth root has from bacteria, receding gums can be considered a serious condition. It can leave teeth vulnerable to decay and cavities. It’s important to treat receding gums as early as possible and Alloderm® Gum Grafting Tissue Matrix from Ann Kearney Astolfi in Bethlehem, PA is a great solution designed to regenerate gum tissue quickly and serve as a strong basis for natural repairs.

One of the latest innovations in the field of dentistry, Alloderm® is derived from natural tissue, so it easily adapts to existing gum tissue and has been used successfully in more than 1 million gum grafting and dental implant procedures to date.

Instead of traditional gum grafting with a patient’s own tissue, gum grafting with Alloderm® can improve the esthetic outcome of treatment, along with many other benefits.

Avoid the esthetic issues of gum recession, and get a confidence boost, knowing you’re restoring your smile and protecting your teeth for the future.

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We’ll help you relax.

Dental anxiety is very common. But, don't let it keep you from coming to our periodontal dentistry office for a visit. Missed care can lead to the need for more extensive and invasive work down the road.

At Ann Kearney Astolfi in Bethlehem, PA, we want you to feel comfortable and at ease while we make sure your teeth and gums are getting the help they need. That’s why we offer an array of relaxing sedation options for our patients, ranging from gentle laughing gas to IV sedation.

Here’s how the process works:

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Get a comfortable treatment.

Alloderm® at Ann Kearney Astolfi in Bethlehem, PA uses special regenerative tissue to rebuild the gums. This means a more comfortable treatment with less complications than with traditional gum grafting.
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Enjoy peace of mind by protecting your gums.

Our caring staff works hard to help you feel at home, and you’ll love the relief and security of getting your gums the care they deserve!

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