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Wilckodontics - Bethlehem, PA

A Straighter Smile in as Little as Three Months

Having a straight, healthy smile is something almost everyone desires, and those with crooked or crowded teeth often need to undergo orthodontics to realign their bite. Traditional orthodontics is often a lengthy journey. Most patients we see want to achieve a straight smile as quickly and painlessly as possible. For this reason, Dr. Ann Astolfi offers our patients the lifechanging Wilckodontics® orthodontics system that can allow patients to get in and out of braces in as little as three months. Wilckodontics offers orthodontic patients many benefits, including:

  •  drastically shorter treatment times
  •  improved long-term tooth stability
  •  fewer office visits
  •  less need for tooth extraction
  •  beautifully straight teeth

How Does Wilckodontics Work So Quickly?

Wilckodontics can be used for both children and adults to strategically straighten teeth in just a fraction of the time. The procedure involves removing a small amount of your aveolar bone from your jaw, which allows for improved movement of the tooth roots. With a weaker bone structure, the teeth are able to align into proper position quickly. After the teeth are aligned, the aveolar bone grows back stronger than before, which allows for improved tooth stability. The Wilckodontics treatment is proven to be safe and provide long-lasting, stable results.

Dr. Astolfi is Your Skilled Wilckodontics Authority

Dr. Astolfi is a skilled periodontist with over 20 years of experience in the field. As a periodontist, she has spent additional years studying the hard and soft tissues of the bone and understands the advanced process that Wilckodontics requires to successfully provide straight teeth in such a quick manner. Dr. Astolfi believes that advanced technology and dental techniques can lead to improved patient experiences and consistently attends over 100 hours of continuing education every year. We want to help you achieve your best smile yet!

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You can have straight teeth without the lengthy treatment time with Wilckodontics braces.

Why Choose A Periodontist?

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