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Comprehensive and Quality Care From a Periodontist in the Lehigh Valley

Advanced periodontics in the Lehigh Valley.

High Quality Care From a Certified and Experienced Periodontist

We maintain a high standard of care to ensure all of our patients receive the quality treatments they deserve. Whether you are seeking treatment for gum disease or need to undergo a gum recontouring procedure, Dr. Ann Astolfi will prepare a custom treatment plan that will address all of your periodontal health and cosmetic concerns using some of the latest techniques in the industry.

Patient-Centric Practice to Address All of Your Needs

We work hard to make our patients a high priority and will go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of every step of the way. Patients undergoing surgery have the option of getting a care package that includes soup, beverages, and healthy snacks to help them through the recovery process. We do everything in-house so you don’t need to shop around or seek out referrals from other dental professionals in the area. Everything is designed to make your life easier and we are always here to answer any questions you have along the way!

Advanced Dentistry Techniques for a More Comfortable Experience

When you are exploring options for periodontics in the Lehigh Valley become a patient at our practice for some of the most innovative treatment options available in the industry. Dr. Astolfi performs minimally invasive procedures such as laser gum disease treatment and also offers sedation dentistry options to ensure a more relaxing experience. She is different from other practitioners because of her years of experience and knowledge performing some of the most advanced periodontal procedures.

Comprehensive Periodontal Health Care for All Patients

We are strong believers of ongoing maintenance and education as a way to maintain optimal periodontal health. We aim to provide “periodontal health care” services versus “disease care” because we want the majority of our patients to come to us to maintain healthy gums and teeth — not just when they need treatment for a problem. Your periodontal health is linked to your overall health and well-being so we encourage all patients to take steps to preserve their periodontal health with regular exams and a consistent home care regimen.

Learn more about our periodontist in the Lehigh Valley by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Astolfi today.

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Why Choose A Periodontist?

Periodontists have additional years of training in gum and bone health beyond dental school and are the experts at preventing and treating gum disease. Complete the form below to download our FREE "Why Should I Choose A Periodontist?" article.