A Relaxing Periodontal Experience

Sleep dentistry solutions for an anxiety free visit.

Sleep Dentistry Makes Dental Visits More Comfortable

If you have hesitations about visiting the dentist because you have anxiety or fear of needles or the pain from treatment, talk to Dr. Ann Astolfi about sleep dentistry options. We offer sedation dentistry in the Lehigh Valley for patients who may have high levels of fear about going to the dentist. We can help you feel more relaxed and be numb throughout your procedure so that you can undergo treatment with little to no discomfort at all.

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Of Americans suffer from dental anxiety.


Of Americans have a fear of needles.


Of Americans have some anxiety about going to the dentist.


Of people put off going to the dentist out of fear of bad news.

Oral and IV Sedation

Oral sedation is an attractive option for patients who have difficulty becoming numb or for those with a strong gag reflex. This form of sedation involves taking anti-anxiety medication before you arrive for treatment so you feel completely comfortable and relaxed during treatment. IV sedation involves administering anesthesia through intravenous tubes. You are monitored throughout the process and will feel drowsy for several hours after your treatment. You will need someone to escort you home after being sedated through either of these sleep dentistry methods.

Nitrous Oxide

A popular method of sleep dentistry is nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” This colorless and odorless gas can induce relaxation within a matter of minutes. You will wear a face mask and inhale the gas through your nose until you start to feel relaxed and numb. Many patients report that they feel euphoric within minutes of inhaling this gas. We will perform the procedure, and you will return to normal when we stop the gas. We control the depth of sedation throughout treatment, and there are no known side effects. You are free to drive yourself home after the procedure if you wish.

Local Anesthetic

When Dr. Astolfi only needs to numb certain areas of the mouth, she may inject local anesthesia into the gums and cheeks. Lidocaine is a popular injection for numbing during dentistry procedures and will not wear off for a few hours. Since you are not sedated with this form of sleep dentistry, you can drive yourself home after your visit without any problems.

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