Post-Op Instructions - Other Surgical Procedures

Post-Op Instructions

What you can expect as a result of your gum or implant surgery.

Post-Op Instructions

It is essential that you follow these instructions for at least a week following surgery to ensure maximum prognosis of healing:

*Take Motrin every 4-6 hours as prescribed for the first 48 hours whether or not it is needed for pain. Swelling may possibly occur, this will keep it to a minimum.

*Gently place an ice pack on the outside of the face for at least 10 minutes out of every hour for 24 hours.

Swelling may possibly occur, this will keep it to a minimum. (The majority of swelling occurs 24-48 hours after surgery. It is difficult to get swelling down once it has occurred, therefore, we attempt to prevent it.)

*Take the antibiotic as directed until complete.

We prescribe Amoxicillin 500mg, take two tabs one hour prior to appointment and then starting the day after surgery, take one tab three times a day until complete. If allergic to Amoxicillin, we prescribe Zithromax 250mg (1 Zpack), take two tabs one hour prior to appointment, then starting the day after the surgery, take one tab daily until complete.

*Rinse with the prescribed Periogard twice daily starting the day after surgery. Do not rinse your mouth with water and do not eat or drink for one hour after using the prescribed rinse. It is also helpful to rinse the area three times a day with warm salt water (1 tsp. salt to an 8oz. glass of warm water) for three days following the surgery to keep it clean.


DO NOT brush or floss in the area on which the work was performed.
DO NOT chew on the side of the mouth that has had surgery.
DO NOT smoke for 48 hours after surgery.
DO NOT drink with a straw for 48-72 hours after surgery.
DO NOT eat spicy or excessively hot food.
DO NOT eat hard, crunchy, or seeded foods to prevent debris from entering surgical site.
DO NOT be alarmed if any of the following occur:

  • ***Slight bleeding
  • ***Slight to moderate swelling
  • ***Slight to moderate discomfort
  • ***A medicinal taste

DO NOT be alarmed if the pink periodontal packing falls out whether it is the same day as the surgery or a few days after.

Feel free to contact our office with any further questions or concerns and remember to continue your home care procedures for the rest of your mouth, but avoid contact with the surgical site.

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