Meet Dr. Ann Astolfi

Meet Dr. Ann Astolfi

Your Lehigh Valley Periodontist

Meet Dr. Astolfi

Ann Astolfi, periodontist, formally trained at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Lehigh Valley Hospital GPR, and Temple Dental for periodontal and implant specialty. Informally trained by family, patients, team members, students and children!

For almost 20 years Dr. Astolfi has practiced periodontics in the Lehigh Valley. She has a gift for making patients feel instantly at home in her office. As an educator, periodontist and business owner she is dedicated to cutting edge technology while assuring that her patients are well informed and cognizant of their complex diagnosis, etiology and treatment options.

Dr. Astolfi specializes in periodontics and implant placement with an emphasis on less invasive more holistic treatment. These include: Laser treatment, 3D guided implant placement, Therapeutic Botox, Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation and Alloderm soft tissue grafting.

During her years of private practice she has placed over 3500 implants, performed more than 9000 soft and hard tissue grafts as well as countless periodontal surgeries. As an avid lifelong learner she attends over 100 hours/year of continuing education. This passion for education extends to teaching as well. During her 18 year tenure with Lehigh Valley Hospital Dr. Astolfi was awarded the “Teacher of the Year” on five separate academic years. She is on staff at St. Luke’s hospital. She is a certified instructor of the Institute for Advance Laser Dentistry. Dr. Astolfi feels fortunate to be able to educate other dentists on the latest technology and treatment so they too can delivery the very best to their patients as well.

As a patient centered office we are respectful of and responsive to individual patient preference, needs and values. This ensures our patients are educated, cognizant, and comfortable with all aspects of their periodontal treatment.

View Dr. Astolfi's Work With 1000 Smiles

1000 Smiles is a group dedicated to helping the children of Jamaica get the dental care they need. Dr. Ann Astolfi is an active volunteer with this organization which just last year was able to reach over 927 children.

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