Alloderm Gum Grafting

Common Signs of Gum Recession

Gum recession is one of the most common side effects of periodontal disease and can cause esthetic issues that prevent you from smiling with confidence. If you notice a notch forming at your gum line, spaces between your teeth, or teeth that appear longer than normal, you may have receding gums. We perform the gum grafting procedure at our practice using AlloDerm® for beautiful results.

How AlloDerm® Works

AlloDerm® is one of the latest innovations in the field of dentistry and has been used successfully in more than 1 million gum grafting and dental implant procedures to date. The AlloDerm® Tissue Matrix is designed to regenerate gum tissue quickly and serves as a strong basis for natural repairs. AlloDerm® is derived from natural tissue so it easily adapts to existing gum tissue. We use it to perform gum recession treatment in the Lehigh Valley with great results.

Learn more about gum recession treatment in the Lehigh Valley with AlloDerm® by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Astolfi today.

Benefits of Gum Grafting With AlloDerm®

Performing a gum grafting procedure with AlloDerm® offers numerous benefits to the patient. AlloDerm® offers a predictable alternative to gum grafting with the patient’s own tissue and can improve the esthetic outcome of treatment. You can avoid pain and potential complications associated with traditional gum grafting because we use special regenerative tissue to rebuild the gums.

What Can I Expect During My AlloDerm® Gum Graft Procedure?

Dr. Ann Astolfi may use AlloDerm® to regenerate missing tissue around the tooth and reduce the effects of gum recession. We can treat root exposure and a number of other oral health issues associated with gum recession with a gum grafting procedure. Your tissues will heal relatively quickly with this treatment, and you will be advised to make some minor dietary and lifestyle changes during the healing process to ensure optimal results.

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Why Choose A Periodontist?

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