Advanced Technology

Advanced Periodontics With the Latest Technologies

Modern equipment and dental x-rays in the Lehigh Valley.

Advanced Technologies to Ensure a High Standard of Care

We pride ourselves on serving patients with advanced periodontics and modern techniques. Dr. Ann Astolfi and her staff are trained to use some of the latest dental systems and technologies in the industry, including dental x-rays in the Lehigh Valley. Whether you are coming in for gum disease treatment or just need an oral evaluation, you can count on us to maintain a high standard of care every step of the way.


The Planmeca ProMax® 3D system uses cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images to help us diagnose problems affecting the teeth and jaw. We use digital technologies such as CBCT to obtain accurate 3D images of the patient’s mouth.


Needle-free anesthesia may be administered right on the gums or below the gum line to numb the area within seconds. This is an attractive alternative to injections and helps us perform a number of procedures without causing patient discomfort. Oraqix can be applied to specific areas of the mouth in a gel form and has no side effects.


We can protect the teeth from caries development and eliminate white spots on the teeth with this innovative milk-derived formula. This paste is applied directly on to the teeth to bind to the tooth surface. It can improve saliva flow and fluoride uptake, helping to improve overall oral health while it works.


We can perform a faster and more accurate diagnosis during your oral evaluation using an intraoral camera. This camera provides us with clear and detailed images of the mouth and jaw in real-time. You can see these images on a screen in front of you as Dr. Astolfi makes a diagnosis.


When you need to have dental x-rays in the Lehigh Valley taken, you can count on us for high-quality images as part of your diagnosis or treatment plan. Our digital x-ray system helps us capture digital images of the teeth and gums without exposing the patient to high radiation levels.

Learn more about advanced periodontics technologies and modern equipment available at our practice by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Astolfi today.

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